This is the most versatile, storage device made for beds, couches, RV’s etc. The use of this product is only limited by your imagination and size of item, for any item you may need to be handy. In addition a model designed for a GI type cot for campers, which can also work on a normal bed. My six year old daughter asked for one with a flashlight, no more, “Mommy, Daddy there is a monster in my room,” for light makes monsters go away, we all slept better afterwards. This product will form fit to most items and can be changed in the future for your changing needs. Please see idea pictures and there is an instructional video. If unit is being used for a firearm a trigger lock will be provided for free of charge.                         

Original — this model has a surface area of 7” x 7” for storing a few items at your bedside or couch.  When travelling, it can store easily in a suit case or most carry-ons.

The Original Ultimate Bed Holster is the perfect low cost storage device for your items needed close at hand by your bed. The hook and loop material, on the face of the device, will form fit to most any object while the opposite end slides between the mattress and box springs.

Large- This model is the same as the original but is 9” wide providing more items, per customer request. This model can also fit in most suit cases and carry-ons.

Tac- This model is made of ABS plastic and is almost indestructible. It is other wise the same as the original. 7” wide.

Tac II-This model is made of ABS plastic and is almost indestructible. It is other wise the same as the Large. 9” wide.

GI cot type-This model is made of ABS plastic with a very strong hinge. It will work in any of the six open areas on this cot. It will also work on a normal bed. Surface area is 7”x7” just like the Original and will fold almost flat for travel or duffle bag.

Shelve two types- 7” and 9” This installs on the unit so items like water bottles and other large heavy items can be used.   

Custom items can be made- such as the first four models to be used on a wooden bed frame, water bed type, please Email for the design dept will need specifications.

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