Sleep peacefully knowing what you need is close at hand…

Patented since 2011 This is the most versatile, storage device made for beds, couches, RV’s etc. The use of this product is only limited by your imagination and size of item, for any item you may need to be handy. In addition a model designed for a GI type cot for campers, which can also work on a normal bed. My six year old daughter asked for one with a flashlight, no more, “Mommy, Daddy there is a monster in my room,” for light makes monsters go away, we all slept better afterwards. This product will form fit to most items and can be changed in the future for your changing needs. Please see idea pictures and there is an instructional video.

If unit is being used for a firearm, which is why it was invented. Please Email and a trigger lock will be provided FREE OF CHARGE, just give me your name and order and the shipping dept, will add this to your order.

The Slim Line – An innovative design to hold one item, such as a Flashlight, Cell phone, Medication, Eyeglasses, Water bottle,Pepper spray  ,Stun gun etc. Face is 4″ x 6″ with a built in shelf and one adjustment strap. The other models can also be built like this.     $17.65 
Original — this model has a surface area of 7” x 7” for storing a few items at your bedside or couch.  When traveling, it can store easily in a suit case or most carry-ons.

Large – This model is the same as the original but is 9” wide providing more items, per customer request. This model can also fit in most suit cases and carry-ons.


Tac – This model is made of ABS plastic and is almost indestructible. It is other wise the same as the original. 7” wide.


Tac II -This model is made of ABS plastic and is almost indestructible. It is other wise the same as the Large. 9” wide.


GI Cot Type – This model is made of ABS plastic with a very strong hinge. It will work in any of the six open areas on this cot. It will also work on a normal bed. Surface area is 7”x7” just like the Original and will fold almost flat for travel or duffle bag.

Shelve two types- 7” and 9” This installs on the unit so items like water bottles and other large heavy items can be used.

Custom items can be made- such as the first four models to be used on a wooden bed frame, water bed type, or anything you may need, please Email the design dept and we will custom make it to your design needs.

You can change the quantity ordered AFTER you add the item to your cart or when you VIEW the cart.


House Dog Ind LLC warrants its products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date it is shipped to the customer. In the event a reseller purchases a product from House Dog Industries, LLC , integrates it with a system, and sells it to a user, the warranty period still begins on the original ship date from House Dog Ind LLC.

All our items carry an UNLIMITED WARRANTY. If we are unable to correct your problem, we will send you a new or reconditioned replacement, shipping prepaid. Your only cost is the return postage on the faulty product. We reserve the right to void this warranty under unusual circumstances. Liability is limited to the retail price of the item.

Please call House Dog Industries LLC for authorization to return the product.

A-There are many styles of hook and loop made. There was 5 months of R+D using drills for weight to find out what combination would work the best.

A-This is a low cycle hook, meaning you don’t pull it apart many times since it is made for strength. Unlike, tennis shoes or wallets, in which has a greater cycle life.

A-The clear plastic is made of polycarbonate, the same as bullet proof glass, but thinner. So it will not stop a bullet at this thickness. ABS is the black and is also flexible and strong.

A-The glue is designed for polycarbonate and ABS (black holster), it has a 24 hour set up time, per manufacture.

A – There is a shelf designed for this to hold at the bottom that attaches to the hook and loop.

A-My pistol was leaving scratches on the night stand and then I made one for remotes and other objects alike.

A-Yes, the Tac models work very well at this, but the clear also works as well.

A-Yes, many of our Law Enforcement customers use a holster. Run the top strap through the belt loops and bottom as normal to help support its weight.

A-Yes, remember to fluff the strap material and when reforming press hard and contract points.

Have had mine a couple of years now, works wonderfully with one of the cheal "sausage sack" nylon holsters held by the velcro straps. Hope you guys are Tulsa tomorrow, I'll be looking for another one for my wife.z
Just received my folding model ultimate bed holster could not be more pleased. Easy to transport because it folds and handles my handgun and surefire flash light no problem. Nice to have a handgun within arms reach during my resting hours. Thank you and I will recommend to my friends and family.
David Lee Ross